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The Animal Isn’t Naughty

What you are doing wrong

Problems are almost always caused by these few things.

  1. Trainer having aversive qualities or behaving unpredictably.
  2. Not doing enough respondent conditioning
  3. Rewarding more than one behavior in response to a cue
  4. Reinforcing the wrong response
  5. Reinforcing inconsistent responses
  6. Not offering a consistent cue
  7. Using too many cues
  8. Not having a motivating reinforcer or having too much motivation
  9. Not delivering the consequence with contiguity
  10. Not consolidating the behavior before going to the next approximation
  11. Not reading the animal’s body language for problems
  12. Not preventing accidental expressions of flight responses
  13. Lumping too much behavior into an approximation
  14. Practicing undesirable behaviors.

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