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Wild Horse Training Books and Guides

Our goal is to do something good for your equine. You are our means to do that. We want you to succeed and these are things we think will help.

Our books were written to educate our own staff. The protocols are well-tested as I have used them on over 700 equines including zebras, burros, and horses. No other books provide such detailed instructions for wild horse training. How 2 Train a ___ covers the theory, while the workbook spells out the specific protocol.

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How 2 Train book cover

How 2 Train A _____ (fill in the blank)

Dog, goldfish, boyfriend... you name it, you can train it. This book covers all the general principles of animal training ...
Mustang Taming Workbook

Mustang Taming Workbook

(Finished Edition) The long-awaited Finished Edition This book is the guide that explains each task and sub-task of our taming ...

Free Print-it-Yourself Basic Training Record Book

We also produced a record book to be used for each animal in the training program. It has all the charts from the Mustang Taming Workbook. We use these extensively in our program. Fill out the form and we will be happy to send it to you.

Training Card Decks

When training multiple horses, recording training session data becomes a huge problem. I end up not collecting data and then profoundly regretting it. I knew I needed something that I could record immediately after the session, which would keep me organized, and keep the animal progressing along. I invented the 26-Tasks card deck. Each animal gets a deck. The card for the task I am working on goes in my pocket with a pencil. I can carry the day’s training records for 20 horses IN MY POCKET. Do you know how convenient this makes it? They are not cheap to print, but training data is precious.

If you need card decks to help you train, I might be persuaded to send you one. Email me a letter about why you want one (or more). If it is going to make a difference for your animals, that means something to me. The free booklet above meets most people’s needs that are just training a few animals.

Training Journals for Horses, Donkeys, Dogs, and all other animals.

Whether you are a pro or an amateur, our training journals will make you a better, more efficient trainer. It will save you time, catch all the essential bits of information, and provide you with a very convenient way to document each animal’s progress. Click to go to the Training Journal page.

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The Science-Based Animal Training Bookstore

The Science-Based Animal Training Bookstore has training books for all species. We curate this store on the platform.

Amazon Annex

We also have a page of Amazon links for books that were highly recommended to us, but were only available on Amazon.