Magic Mustang Tamer

Horse Session Record Workbook

The session is a record of your successes and learning opportunities.

The Session Record captures the essence of the training session in a highly structured format. It captures 400 sessions and references to training plans kept elsewhere.

The book also includes a guide to suggested codes for some of the fields. This form has been tested on 100’s of animals and we found that it captures the essence of the training session quite accurately and memorably.

You can create and print out your own form with the list of fields provided below, but we’ve done the work of pulling it together in a convenient spiral-bound book that is easy to keep organized. Better than the loose boxes of filled-in forms I have piled in the corner of my office!!!

Click on the image to see a sample page
The record fields include:
  • Animal
  • Date
  • Time Spent
  • Emotional Response
  • Session Rating
  • Goal
  • Training Plan citation
  • Individualized procedure
  • Outcome Measurement type
  • Criterion
  • Start and Finish measures
  • Challenges and Solutions
  • Next Step

Whether you have the convenience of the workbook, or print out your pages one by one, PLEASE KEEP SESSION RECORDS! It’s the only way to really climb the ladder of professionalism.

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