Magic Mustang Tamer

The Horse Training Journal

Develop your professional training skills with detailed and accurate records.

This journal is a basic set of all of the Mustang Camp forms. It has biography pages for six horses. There are forty pages for training plans and two pages of cue registry. Two-hundred and forty pages are for training sessions. Finally, it has a list of 101 behaviors you might want to train your horse to do.

After you try out this basic journal and fill up one section or another, we have the session records, training plans, and horse biographies in professional quantities in books of their own.

I wish someone had invented this when I first started training. It would have saved me a lot of time trying out one data collection scheme after another… for years! Well, it’s not the first time I had to write the book I needed in my hands. Not everyone needs a professional grade horse training journal, but some very lucky people do. You’re welcome.