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The earner can make an educated guess of a horse’s age by looking at its teeth.

A horse’s age matters to a potential adopter but all one normally knows about the mustang was a guess the veterinarian made during one of the most fearful moments of that animal’s life. Mistakes are made! You will learn to make age estimations from the development of the front teeth. You will have the ability to place horses in approximate age categories and evaluate the vet’s guess. You will explore this ancient art through reading, videos, and online activities. We will encourage you to memorize a horseman’s poem! This achievement will be evaluated by a quiz. This badge is required for anyone participating at Mustang Camp either as an intern or trainer.

In this course, you will learn to:

  • Estimate a horse’s age by its teeth.
  • Confirm an age estimation by comparing to the animal’s teeth.

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