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We want to frame your understanding of equine care in order to make it easy for you to learn, remember, and use as a basis for care in any location. We hope you gain the confidence to use it to guide you to find solutions for unforeseen situations (as horses always seem to provide).

Taking care of equines that aren’t tame enough to be touched or taken to the vet, poses challenges even for the most experienced horse-person. In this module, you will learn what constitutes good equine care under general conditions and how to proactively manage husbandry to prevent problems. You will acquire sufficient knowledge to be a good equine caretaker. You will learn about wild horse husbandry through reading, videos, and online activities. This achievement has been evaluated by a quiz and written essay assessment.

Volunteers, interns, and staff are all required to complete this class before participating at Mustang Camp.

In this module you will learn to:

  • Recognize the signs of colic and how to minimize the risk of this traumatic illness
  • Feed correct amount of either grass or alfalfa hay in an appropriate place
  • Describe the general method to refeed a starving equine
  • Connect high glycemic foods to health issues in mustangs
  • Be able to calculate the weight of a horse or donkey
  • Formulate a plan to introduce other foods to a mustang or burro
  • Provide adequate and suitable water and salt for an equine
  • Recognize the signs of health and illness in a horse
  • Recite the healthy horse values for the five vital signs
  • Recognize quidding
  • Give reasons for mucking pens

Sign up class by class if you are unsure you will finish the course, but if you prefer, you can sign up for this and all remaining classes in the Basics Bundle at a 15% discount. (no refunds). Click here to put the bundle in your cart.

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