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Respondent vs Operant

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Learn how and when to use respondent conditioning as well as how it differs from operant conditioning.

Operant and respondent conditioning are the biggest power-tools in the animal training toolbox. Learn to plan for and carry out a respondent conditioning procedure. Develop your ability to apply the associated language and discriminate between the application of operant and respondent conditioning. Explore operant and respondent conditioning through vocabulary drills, reading, videos, and online activities. This achievement will be evaluated by a quiz and written essay assessment. This badge is required for anyone participating at Mustang Camp either as an intern or trainer.

In this course, you will learn to:

  • Compare and contrast the primary modes of learning.
  • Describe the roles of habituation and systematic desensitization in horse training.
  • Plan for and carry out a respondent conditioning training project to create a desirable conditioned emotional response.