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Safety around Wild Equines

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Start your mustang training with confidence by understanding the risks and having a plan to stay safe.

Wild equines pose special safety considerations beyond normal horse handling. In this module, you will learn to read horse emotional expressions, anticipate fear issues, and be familiar with laws concerning equine liability. You will gain confidence through an acceptance of personal responsibility and proactive planning to stay safe. You will have some idea of what to do (in principle) in an emergency. You will explore the hazards of horses and burros through reading, videos, and online activities. This achievement will be documented by a quiz and written essay assessment.

This badge is required for anyone participating at Mustang Camp either as a volunteer, intern, or trainer.

In this module you will learn to:

  • interpret horse body language indicating intent to harm
  • explain the relationship between equine fear and human safety
  • demonstrate personal responsibility for maintaining a safe environment
  • explain what to do in case of accidents with horses
  • discuss the implications of NM equine liability limits

You will not be able to access all materials on a cell phone but must use a computer. The assignments you turn in should reflect the material you learned in the class.

If you register for the class but the system does not give you immediate access, please contact me right away. This is an issue that I am trying to troubleshoot. My phone number is 505-419-2575, text is best.