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Loading the Budbox | A discussion of film footage and issues of loading wild horses into a trailer

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My apologies to anyone who was confused between a film trailer and a horse trailer. Were you one of those people? It seems that calling short films “trailers” was causing confusion for those around me. I remember trying to publish a short video on YouTube and telling my husband that I was “loading the trailer in my office,” which only led to further confusion. So, I’ve decided to call them condensed versions, abbreviated editions, digests, or synopses instead of trailers. I hope this clears up any confusion and makes things easier to understand for everyone.

Condensing the Loading the Budbox episode was quite a challenge. Even though there were several obstacles in the way of getting the horses loaded, their impact was not immediately noticeable. It was hard to illustrate. The humans involved put in a lot of effort to keep things under control, but eventually, the stress caught up with them, causing a tense and dangerous situation for everyone involved. It wasn’t hard to show that.

After watching these films multiple times, I believe that the issues that cannot be overcome arise from limited time and poorly designed infrastructure. Due to the time pressure, people tend to apply too much pressure, which invariably escalates to shameful consequences. Additionally, the infrastructure itself creates a dangerous situation. Next week, I am planning to publish a video that will demonstrate how to address these pen design problems. A lack of time is much harder to mitigate.

The synopsis for Loading the Budbox is clearly set in Act II of a classic narrative structure. The obstacles are overpowering, chaos is winning, and the protagonists have to go against everything they hold dear. It is soul-scathing, and the music score is perfect. Click on the images to go to either the full version (above) or the synopsis (below). The discussion on the full version is worthwhile.

Please comment here or on the videos with your thoughts and feelings about the events shown. Your feedback is essential.

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