Magic Mustang Tamer

Support less coercive methods of mustang training

We need your help!!!

Most people know no other way to connect with an animal than to use coercion. The Magic Mustang Tamer promotes an alternative framework that makes mustang training safer and more fun for both the animal and the human. We strive to provide educational resources and support to people who want to help equines transition to domesticity. Let’s change the model from “tools of domination” to “hands of compassion”.

This website depends on supporters to help pay the expenses of creating this educational content. Together, you and I can provide a new vision of horse training that doesn’t rely on coercive techniques. We can help people discover a compassionate and fun way to take their mustangs and burros from wild to full partners in domesticity. Our all-volunteer endeavor creates videos and educational materials to help ordinary horse owners realize that they can train an animal with minimal trauma. Your donation will help pay for web hosting, the digital subscriptions that glue this website together, our Adobe editing apps, and the equipment needed to capture the content. We need donations to make this happen.

You can support this mission in other ways, as well. Tell your friends about us. Recommend us, when you have the opportunity. Show someone how to interact with an animal by focusing on promoting desired behaviors instead of resorting to punishment. Be a good example with your own animals. Little by little, the world will change.