Magic Mustang Tamer

Big Picture Training Plans

Mindmap of our training plans branches into four zones.
Our plans are broken into four zones and 26 tasks.

Over the course of ten years of taming wild equine, we have developed a failure-resistant set of training plans that almost always yield a motivated animal that is happy to engage with humans. We have monitored training efficiency, safety for human and animal, and animal engagement to refine our procedures. Five hundred animals say it works!

We use the access fees we charge for this material to support our rescue rehabilitation program. Mustang Camp trains feral horses gathered by the New Mexico Livestock Board or other government agencies, rather letting them be sold to kill buyers. A supporting membership springs a horse out of danger, so it’s something you can feel good about.

The training plans are organized into sequential “Tasks”. Each task is heavily documented with instructions, troubleshooting advice, and video examples. There are 26 Tasks in both the Basic Taming and the Saddle Training (we did not plan that). Taming covers Tasks 1 to 26, Saddle training covers 30-56. There is more information about these programs on their individual pages.

Basic Taming

Saddle Training