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Curriculum for Wild Horse Training Program

Learn to Train

Are you ready to learn to train wild horses and burros? These skills are needed to solve the American mustang crisis.

This program was originally designed for students of science-based equine training on their way to an internship or employment at Mustang Camp. It provides a strong basis in the aspects of equine science that pertain to wild horses and burros and their transition to a life with people.

Although this class was written for students and staff of Mustang Camp, it is a unique resource for rehabilitation trainers at other equine rescues, as well as a great learning tool for the general avid student of horsemanship. When you learn to train wild horses and burros, you will have improved your skills with all types of animal training.

It is divided into three main sections. The Basics contains a mandatory safety module, followed by information on the husbandry, medical issues, and physical make up of wild horses. It contains a unit of what makes donkeys so special. Finally, it goes into depth about the natural behavior of equine. The Basics contain 10 units. More info on the Basics…

The second section, Animal Training, provides a robust survey of learning theory. It covers neurochemistry, the management of fear, exploiting natural behaviors, operant and respondent conditioning, and, finally, solving problem behaviors. Animal Training contains more than 15 units to help you learn to train wild horses and burros. More info on Animal Training…

In the third section, World of Mustangs, we look at various aspects of the bureaucratic systems that deal with wild horses and burros. We cover a wild variety of topics, looking at, and debating the controversies that swirl around that universe. This section is about digging deep, finding the paradoxes, feeling the ambiguity, and tasting the bitter-sweetness of reality.  More info on the World of Mustangs.

A detailed list of course objectives is available here.

Internships are available at Mustang Camp after a student completes the Animal Training program.

How it Works.

Our class is on this web site using the LearnDash LMS plugin. The classes are self-study with assignments that are self-graded or instructor-graded and all reviewed by the instructor. The design helps ensure that you will learn the material. Each unit is followed by a quiz to assess how well you know the material. You may repeat classes as many times as you like by signing up again.

Most classes cost $10 but you can get a 15% discount by signing up for a bundle. You can pay for the classes with Paypal or credit card. To make other arrangements to pay, send a written request to

Unlike most online classes, you get individual attention during office hours and feedback on your assignments. Office hours are 10-11 a.m. M-F mountain standard time. You are welcome to text during that hour if you have questions 505-419-2575. Remember, my mission is to help animals.

Click here to Register for a Basics Class: Learn the basics of caring for wild equine.
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It’s only offered in the spring, but click here for more info. Explore the modern reality of mustangs