Magic Mustang Tamer

Animal Training

Badges earned in the wild horse and burro training program
Learn to Train Wild Horses and Burros

The Magic Mustang Tamer will help you become a professional quality animal trainer using equine species as the model animals. Our course uses the textbook, “How to Train a _____”, available in our bookstore. Each module has learning exercises and a quiz to test your learning. Badges are awarded for module completion and a certificate is awarded upon completion of the program.

Prerequisites for this program are the completion of the Basics set of courses.

Become an Animal Trainer

Behavioral Observation Skills

  1. Accurate observation and interpretation of behaviors demonstrated by the animal.
  2. Application of technical ethological terms to species-specific behaviors.
  3. Interpretation of body language.
  4. Construction of contingency statement from observed behaviors.
  5. Awareness of personality theory and research.

Behavioral Science

  1. Application of behavior modification and training techniques.
  2. Use of scientific data and analysis to improve intervention strategies.
  3. Behavior data collection and analysis.
  4. Fluency in the language of Learning theory
  • Laws of Behavior
  • Operant vs. Respondent behaviors
  • Fear management
  • Stimulus-response relationships
  • Antecedent control
  • Conditioning through consequence


  1. Ability to apply scientific learning theory principles to intervention strategies.
  2. Ability to describe other trainers in terms of Learning Theory.
  3. Awareness of limitation of dominance theories of training.

Equine Science

  1. Basic gross anatomy.
  2. Elementary neurochemistry.
  3. Ethological terminology.
  4. Animal welfare.

This class is conducted at the university level. All students are assumed to be high functioning readers and capable of working at an academic level.

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Antecedents and Behaviors

Learn to analyze behaviors and manipulate antecedents to ensure your animals’ success.



Learn to effectively reinforce behavior.