Magic Mustang Tamer

World of Mustangs

Two New Mexico mustangs trying to understand their new life in captivity.

This course will not be open for registration again until December 2022

The World of Mustangs is your opportunity to discuss the history, organizations, and policies that impact wild horses and burros in the United States. You will prepare for discussion by reading primary literature, watching videos, researching questions, and writing summaries. Then you will meet by an audio conference (phone or web) with your classmates to engage in a guided discussion highlighting differing perspectives. This class meets once a week for 12 weeks.

Course Topics and Calendar

Tuesdays at 5:15pm Mountain Time (Denver)

  • The Wild Horse and Burro Program – January 11
  • Disposal of Excess Equine – January 18
  • Adoption – January 25
  • Birth Control in Wild Equine – February 1
  • Range Management Fundamentals – February 8
  • NEPA for Wild Horses – February 15
  • The WH&B Advisory Board – February 22
  • The MHF – March 1
  • Wild Horse Annie and Wild Horse Advocacy – March 8
  • The Prison Program – March 15
  • Gathers – March 22
  • Doing Business with the Federal Government – March 29

Mechanics of the Class

The class will use Jamboard and These might be unfamiliar apps, but they are easy to learn and use. Each week there will be at least two reading assignments, which you will read and annotate. There are orienting activities and vocabulary drills. You will be encouraged to submit links to related material. You will then prepare a concept map of the material studied in that unit. On Tuesday at 5:15 MST (Denver), we will meet for 45 minutes to discuss the material. We will look at your concept maps during the discussion and debate some of the issues.

This isn’t a class for slackers! Lots of college-level reading. You can expect to spend a minimum of three hours per week to complete the course material, activities, discussions, and assignments. The class must be done on a computer, not a cell phone or tablet.

If you make it through to the other side with a passing score, you’ll get a certificate of achievement and you will know more about the topics than 99% of other mustang fans. Learn to have confidence in your voice. You will know the primary literature, the rules, and exactly how things really work in the modern world. Cut through the misinformation and disinformation with an evidence-based perspective.

COST: $240 ($20/week)

It’s going to be awesome!

Last year this class was amazing! This year, with it open to more people, it will be even better! I am really looking forward to being part of a deep conversation with like-minded folks that find the wild horse and burro world extremely interesting. We all get better perspectives. See you there!