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The Show Goes On – Wearing a Blanket

The saddling trauma of last week threw us for a loop, but there are four tasks awaiting publication, so we might as well keep going with the plan. I will be inserting a video on the saddle trauma rehabilitation, but not for a few days. I am confident that Bravo is going to get past whatever frightful experience that left its mark on his opinion of tack and I believe he will be a better-trained horse for the experience.

Why will he be better trained? Because we paid attention to it, recognized the weak spot, and shored it up. Will saddling be an issue in his future? Carelessness could bring it all crashing back into his world view. Think about something you were afraid of. Once you are seriously frightened of something, it only takes a little edgy experience to reawaken that fear. I am that way about rattlesnakes. There was a snake on the property one time in the past 25 years. It was coiled up by the door to the gym. We caught it and released it in Ice Canyon. I can go in and out of that door dozens of times a day, but if it is night and dark, I always wonder if there is a snake there and hurry to get inside.

Today’s installment involves wearing a blanket. It is footage from before the blanket was poisoned by contamination with the saddle, but I am happy to report that he’s done with that and now very complacent with the blankets again.

Before we get to that, let’s have a moment of silence for Little Albert. I said I would discuss this today. I am only going to post some links to the original film footage the researchers took, the interview with the family, and the research paper disclosing the incredibly unethical behavior of the scientists. Well, there they are.

Patterns to Develop

  • Tolerance of typical ways of placing blanket on horse
  • Relaxing while blanketing

Patterns to Avoid

  • Becoming fearful of tack
  • Moving away from blanket

Yes, that is the same blanket in the Success video made four years earlier!

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