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Trust Pod: Bait Trapping

I have been working on a new project to try to reduce the traumatization of wild horses and burros during and after capture. I call it the Trust Pod project because it is about valuing trust as the highest good. The Mesa Verde horses were inspirational, proving that mustangs didn’t always seem to be shell-shocked by their introduction to captivity. It’s not clear how this idea gets out far enough in the culture that it actually creates some change, but it is truly an idea that is sorely needed. Just look at how fragile trust is in the world right now.

The project has its own webpage and I will mirror the posts from it onto the page. To promote this project, please share the videos, like and subscribe to the channel. Here is our first post.

Bait Trapping

with Tim McGaffic

Tim McGaffic explains, step-by-step, how to trap wild horses with minimal trauma. This video not only provides a plan, it also explains how to avoid traumatizing the animals at all stages of their transition to captivity, Additionally, this video provides a basic primer on the main problems associated with helicopter gathers. Whether you are a land manager looking for an effective humane way to remove excess horses or you are a wild horse advocate looking for better welfare for the horses removed, you will find some interesting and compelling strategies to do the right thing by these magnificent animals.


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Additional Notes from Tim about Catching Wild Horses

3 thoughts on “Trust Pod: Bait Trapping

  1. ecarpen66

    This is the caliber of actionable thinking and applied science which must migrate into resolving the multi-faceted wild horse crisis in America… as advocates and activists we CANNOT wait for the opposing bureaucrats to continue their ignorant (I’m being kind here) behavior…

    WELL DONE and communicated! Let’s get this disseminated quickly!

    I am in with leather wallet and boots!


    Ed Carpenter

  2. Ann Vetter

    Very insightful video. I wasn’t clear about how more than one band would be caught. If the bands wait to enter and leave in order of dominance, I would think that they would see another band be removed and become wary of the trap. Yet it seems unlikely that more than one band would enter the pen at the same time. Perhaps the other bands are far enough away to not see or the timing of removal is done when other bands are not present. Definitely seems ideal for birth control administration under low stress with trap and release.

  3. Dr. PBI Post author

    The horses stayed in the trap for a day and were trained to move calmly in response to the humans. You wouldn’t want to get more than one band stallion in the trap. All hell would break loose.

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